Friday, December 30, 2011

Nueva Aventura, New Blog

Once upon a time in a far away land a King and Queen gave birth to beautiful baby girl.  The young princess was the fairest child in all the land and the King and Queen named her Molly. Everyone in the kingdom adored the young child and in tribute named all of their dogs after Princess Molly.

Umm, yeah. Not really. The far away land was just a small town in Alabama. And the fair young princess was more of a dirty little rascal more prone to playing football and war with the neighborhood boys than anything princessy. I'm also fairly certain people have been naming their loyal canine companions Molly long before I made my first appearance in 1988. However, my parents are royalty in my book, my dad says I'm a princess, and my name is in fact Molly. A name that any girl named Molly can tell you, is shared with many a furry friend. Need proof? Here you go. It doesn't get much more legitimate than Sporcle when it comes to fact checking.

Now that we've established I'm not a princess or a dog or a dog princess (Although I see a promising Disney film there) I guess we should figure out who I am.  Obviously I'm Molly. I was born in 1988 and then born again in 2005. I'm the daughter of two loving and supportive parents. I have an older brother, younger sister and yes, I am your typical middle child--wonderful in every way. Or something like that. I have one flat foot and am extremely competitive. I believe a person can have multiple best friends and tend to force my friendship on the unsuspecting. I also have an odd habit of adopting grandads. I personify inanimate objects and love my Crimson Tide. My first attempt at blogging chronicled my adventure of being a resident advisor in an all female freshman dorm. Now I'm out of the dorm and onto new and exciting things!

For the last semester of my master's degree I will be working as an intern at an agency in Washington DC! I've never lived in a big city or anywhere outside of Alabama so this ought to be an interesting experience. I also speak very little Spanish and will be working with a Spanish speaking client base. Crank the interesting up another notch. I'm not too worried about meeting new people, see earlier admission of forcing my friendship. I'm fairly certain Michelle Obama and I will become fast friends and she can then introduce me to all the people she knows. We'll see how well that works out. I'm excited about this new chapter in my life and look forward to keeping track of it here.

Happy New Year and be safe celebrating! Prospero Año!