Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Continued Exposure to the Force

Yep, I'm hooked on the Star Wars. I just had to know what happened in the next movie. Sure enough the Empire struck back and I completely loved it. As I mentioned in the previous post I stumbled upon the DVD's while looking through my roommate's movie collection.  She was home with me when I watched the second movie and as a seasoned Star Wars fan found my commentary pretty entertaining.  Unbeknownst to me she decided to live tweet everything I said during the movie.  She then showed me the full twitter feed later.  I must admit, I'm a little ridiculous and talk way too much during movies. However, she made my decision to blog my observations much easier. So below are all the things she secretly tweeted while we watched with my added observations in bold. 

*Disclaimer: I do in fact realize that I need to quit using the word totes. I work with adolescents. Judge me.*

  • Gonna watch my housemate watch Star Wars II for the first time. To live tweet due to, "Aren't Luke and Layla cousins and kiss or something?" This is apparently what made her decide to start tweeting
  • "No more of that Death Sphere! They blew that up!"
  • "I would totes not be down to live on an ice planet. I'd like the desert 'cause that's where Obi was. And me and Obi are besties." Truth. I heart Obi.
  • "I hope they fix Leia's eyeshadow. It was not looking good in the first one."
  • "Sexy tan on Harrison Ford? Thank you. I think their budget increased a little bit."
  • Han: "I'll see you in hell!" M: "THAT'S where that came from. Han, you trend-setter, you!" I'm understanding so much more about this world that I live in now that I've seen these movies.
  • "Is THIS where we meet Yoda? Oh, Luke is looking all KINDS of purple. Is He about to put him INSIDE this animal? Bear Grylls did that."
  • "Ha! I'm riding 'Solo!' Hahaha!"
  • At Luke and Leia's interactions: "Ha. That be yo cousin!"
  • I'd like to interject with the fact that my roomie is a white girl from Alabama with a penchant for some #RollTide in her life.
  • On Vader: "Basically the only requirement for this character was... Be tall. MUFASA!"
  • "Chewie overreacts a LOT."
  • On Leia: "She's a lot more active than like, Princess Peach. Who just sits in a castle waiting to be rescued." No one likes Peach. Especially when playing Mario Kart. She's a menace. 
  • "Can you imagine what Luke could do in a plane with today's technology?"
  • "What is this little... Control pad on Darth Vader's stomach?" Um, it appears like a vital piece of equipment. Why doesn't anyone punch some buttons when he's distracted.
  • "If C-3PO doesn't wanna get left behind, he better learn to run faster!"
  • "I wanna know what this belt thing is that Chewie's carrying 'cause I haven't seen him use it once. It's his murse."
  • "Do you think that the people who watch this a lot can actually speak Chewie?"
  • "Yoda lives... in a... swamp."
  • "Uh-oh. Loch Ness is about to get R2 in the swamp. George Lucas wasn't very original. Loch Ness, yetis..."
  • "Uhh, PS, there are no black people in outer space? This seems wrong. Yeah, maybe it's a movie from 1976."
  • "Obi-wan Kenobi? That sounds like a good Japanese restaurant." 
  • "She's ROCKING that Heidi braid."
  • "*Gasp!* Scarlet totally calls Rhett a scoundrel too!" And the parallels continue
  • On Darth: "He wouldn't be half as menacing without that cape. Just throwing that out there." I happen to agree.
  • On the Emperor: "Now WHO is this wrinkly, hot mess?"
  • "Question: how do all these planets have the right amount of gravity?" Right?!
  • "Would you rather be taught by Yoda, or Mr. Miyagi?" Tough call. They're both adorable. 
  • "Yoda is so cute. I wanna pet him. And tickle his ears."
  • "Yoda and Luke are totally Harry and Dumbledore. 'Harry, you must control your emotions!'"
  • On seeing Lando: "There IS a black person!"
  • "Wait, what?! Of course the black person sold them out! They had to make the one black character a bad guy!" I was pretty upset about this.
  • "OK, I know I said I didn't like C-3, but I'm kinda in pieces that he's in pieces."
  • "Chewie's hair is kinda like a cross between a mullet and Texas hair. Woah! Chewie has Paula Deen hair!" 
  • "Oh my goodness! My friend has a black cat named Lando! I wonder if this is why."
  • "Yo, who's the guy with the blinky ears? Just runs around. He's like that kid on the train with the beats going who doesn't talk to anyone."
  • "We're already to the fight scene? Talk about daddy issues."
  • "Y'all, I am totes being Darth Vader for Halloween." But I'll probably only say Mufasa things. 
  • Re: "I am your father." M: "Ohh SNAP. Well, now he looks constipated."
  • "Well, the good thing is laser-severed appendages don't bleed."
  • "I must say. I didn't anticipate liking it this much." So true! Han and Obi have a lot to do with that. Can't wait to watch Return of the Jedi! 

And now you're all thinking "I never want to watch a movie with Molly. That girl can't shut up!" 

Happy rest of the week everyone!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hi, My Name is Molly and I am a Reluctant SciFi Lover

I had a million things I was supposed to accomplish today when I got home from work. I did none of them. First I fell asleep accidentally on purpose and then I decided to watch a movie. Oops. All the choices on Netflix were overwhelming so I decided to scan through my roommates' movies. One of the first ones I spotted was Star Wars. I had never seen Star Wars. Yes, I made it to the age of 24 1/2 without ever seeing Star Wars. So I decided that this was the time. It started off kind of slow and I almost turned it off. However, George Lucas must be as smart as everyone says he is because right about when I was grabbing the remote he pulled me in somehow. I get it now, the movie is quite awesome. Congrats Star Wars, you win. I'll now watch Episodes 5 and 6.

So here are the observations of someone watching it for the first time 35 years after the initial release:

  • Luke Skywalker is kind of whiney. I hope his manliness develops over the next few movies. Right now he just reminds me of Justin Bieber. I bet Luke Skywalker is Canadian too.
  • I don’t like James Earl Jones playing a bad guy.  When I hear him talk all I can think is “Mufasa would never do that!”  I also picture him in full African King regalia like in Coming to America and know that’s not him in the Darth suit. It takes away from the sinister-ness a little bit.
  • I have a thing for eccentric old people so Obi Wan was obviously an instafave. His whole dying thing better be a trick and he better resurface later like Gandalf does or I’ll be highly upset. Speaking of Gandalf, I was also extremely late in the game watching LOTR. I didn’t see it until my senior year of high school when we watched it in Lit class. My outrage, disbelief and outburst at his “death” made it painfully obvious that I was the only one in the class who hadn't seen it. What can I say? I’m a reluctant SciFi/Fantasy lover.
  • At the end of the first movie it appears Leia has a decision to make but let’s get real, there’s no competition. Luke = Ashley Wilkes and Han Solo = Rhett Butler. And we all want Rhett Butler.
  • The death star is a sphere, not a star. That bothered me a lot. It’s a good thing they blew it up or I may not be able to continue with the 2nd movie.
  • I would like to know more about Darth’s childhood. I think we’ll find the answers there.
  • Princess Leia’s hair made me hungry for cinnamon buns. Not cinnamon nuns like I accidentally typed when I told my friend Cori this. I’m not even sure what a cinnamon nun would be. Cinnamon buns are sinfully delicious though so I’m sure nuns stay away from them.
  • I think R2D2 has a cuddly personality but would not want to cuddle him because he is a robot. Chewy on the other hand looks extremely cuddly but would probably rip me limb from limb. Book and cover kind of stuff.
  • Why doesn’t Luke’s fancy, fighter, flying machine have a rearview mirror? He has to turn around a lot while he’s being tailed. That seems highly inconvenient.
  • Leia’s pink eye shadow kind of drove me crazy. That is obviously not the best color choice for her. Just saying. 
That's mostly what stood out to me during the first movie. I'll definitely be watching the next one soon.